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UVWash - UV Protection Laundry Detergent Additive with SPF+50 by YOU&UV
how to use the uv wash in a washing machine
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UV Wash 500ml with blue cap retail
UV Sun Protection Clothes Wash, Detergent Additive with SPF+50 by YOU&UV
UV Wash protects the family in sun
UV Wash products you from harmful rays
UV Wash both 250ml and 500ml available
UV Wash 250ml retail packaging
UV Wash 500ml retail packaging

UV Sun Protection Clothes Wash, Detergent Additive with SPF+50 by YOU&UV

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Protect yourself from the harmful UV rays with this new technology that allows you to make your clothes UV-resistant. UVWash is a UV Sun Protection Clothes Wash additive with SPF+50 to make your daily clothes resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.

It stays on even after a couple of washes to protect you and your loved ones. For higher protection, use it in every wash.

UV Sun Protection Clothes Wash is so easy to use. Just simply add one cap of it to your wash. Your clothes will not discolour or feel different at all, but it will be UV safe!

It is suitable for machine washing and even for hand washing. It is hypoallergenic and environmental-friendly.

Protect you and your family and armour your clothes with UV Sun Protection Wash!

Ideally suited for the following applications:

  •  Your holiday laundry. Be protected, during the whole holiday, in your own clothes.
  • Your children's clothes for a safe day out at the beach, sailing or in the mountains.
  • When you have medical reasons to protect yourself.

For companies with employees working outdoor and for athletes, farmers, etc., etc., it’s a simple but effective way to increase safety.

UV Sun Protection Clothes Wash is environmentally friendly and safe for everyone.

  • Developed and manufactured by YOU&UV in the Netherlands.
  • Tested for efficiency by an independent test institute.
  • Meets stringent European NEN standard for UV-resistant textiles.
  • Complies with all laws and regulations.
  • Nominated for the SME Innovation Top 100.
  • Nominated by Syntens.

 Available in two packages.

  •  Contents 250 ml. Suitable for 5 washes of 5 kg.
  • Contents 500 ml. Suitable for 10 washes of 5 kg.