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Supreme Data Blocker Pro for mobile phone security

Mobile Phone USB Data Blocker for security when traveling

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Connecting your device to a public charging port leaves you vulnerable to data theft and malware attacks. The Supreme Travel Security USB Data Blocker Pro secures all the personal information on your mobile device by blocking all data transfers.

SAFE CHARGING MAD EASY Secure your Mobile Device from Data Theft and Malware attacks Recommended for use in Public Charging Stations, Offices, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Airports, Hotels and Planes. Compatible with all USB Cables Secures your Device from Data Theft Certified 100% Data Protection.

  • Protects your mobile device from accidental syncing and malware while on the go.
  • Compatible with all modern phones, tablets, satnavs, etc.
  • No installation required. Just plug and play. Convenient to carry around, and can charge your mobile devices in public usb station, such as hotels, airports, cafes, offices, preventing data theft and malware attacks at the same time.
  • This USB Female to Male Adapter is used between your USB cable and charger to physically block data transfer or syncing and only charge your mobile devices in public without any risk of data breach or uploading viruses. An essential data protector during business trips and travels.
  • USB Female to Male Travel Security USB Data Blocker Adapter

Step 1

Connect the Travel Security Data Blocker Pro to your USB Charging Cable.

Step 2

Connect your USB cable to the charging port.

Step 3

Sit back and relax knowing your information is secure.