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Slips Away - Non Slip Bath and Shower Stickers - Kids Unicorn

Slips Away - Non Slip Bath and Shower Stickers - Kids Unicorn

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Slips Away offers a range of traction improvement products suitable for all the family.

Easy to fit…..simply CLEAN-PEEL-PLACE and STICK!


Improve safety and help prevent slip-and-fall accidents in your home, bathtub, shower, kitchen, restaurant, hotel or anywhere. ​Slips Away offer a fresh, modern look and with its embossed vinyl textured materials provide better traction than traditional rubber mats.

– Non-abrasive, foot friendly, suitable for barefoot tread

– Embossed vinyl surface to increase traction

– Mould Resistant

 Anti slip stickers for baths, showers and stairs

– Easy to apply

– Strong adhesive to ensure the longevity of application

– Superior resistance to chemicals & fluids.

– Non-toxic, suitable for treads of both children and adults.

– Removable

– Hygienically Clean

– Hides Bath or Shower Imperfections

– Once fitted these high quality treads will stay put until you decide to remove them

– 5 discs per pack