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Travel Socks with a Security Pocket for cash and valuables
travel socks to store valuables
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Zip Pocket Travel Socks with a Security Zipper Pocket for cash and valuables

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Zip Pocket Travel Socks with a security zipper sock pocket are the clever way to protect your cash and valuables. The socks include a security zip pocket which holds your Passport, Driver's License, ID, credit cards, cash or a key. Each pocket is moisture-resistant to keep you valuables dry. 

The security zip pocket travel socks will not set off the metal detector at the airport, but remember to remove any metal items which may set off the detectors. Leave your wallet at home or protect your valuables while on the go.

The socks are made with premium yarns to wick away moisture an regulate temperature. Zip Pocket Travel Socks are designed for maximum comfort, durability and function.

  • Socks with a concealed zippered pocket large enough to hold a passport
  • One sock has a pocket and the other is normal 
  • Made of premium yarns and moisture-wicking material
  • Zipper won’t set off metal detectors
  • Medium shoe size 6 – 8
  • Large Shoe size 8 - 10
  • Materials-
    • Socks: 80% cotton, 15% nylon, and 5% elastane
    • Pocket: 90% polyester and 10% elastane
  • Care instructions: Machine-wash warm, tumble dry low, do not bleach; turn inside out to wash by hand

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Great Product

Having been robbed in Madrid last year , I now feel a lot more secure with this product.