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Tenergy - Arlo certified rechargeable batteries x 12
tenergy batteries recharge over 500 times
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Certified by arlo to use tenergy batteries
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Tenergy - Arlo certified cr123a lithium rechargeable batteries x 12

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Tenergy Arlo certified cr123a lithium rechargeable batteries and charger designed for Arlo cameras (VMC3030). 3.7V 650mAh RCR123A Li-ion battery can be recharged up to 500 times, offering significant savings over using disposable CR123 batteries.

  • BATTERIES FOR ARLO SECURITY CAMERAS – The world’s only innovative rechargeable battery specifically designed to work with Arlo Security Cameras seamlessly. Works with Arlo Wire-Free HD Security Cameras (VMC3030/3200/3230/3330/3430/3530) **Only use Tenergy Arlo Battery Charger (Part Number 01451) to charge these batteries. Using other brands or models may result in incomplete charge of batteries.**
  • REUSE & SAVE – The Tenergy Arlo Camera Battery can be recharged up to 500 times. The reusability offers significant savings over non-rechargeable batteries. Very convenient usage and a drop-in replacement. Also saves our environment by preventing the waste of non-rechargeable Lithium CR123A batteries. **Charger is intended for use only with the Tenergy 650mAh rechargeable battery for Arlo camera, charging other types of batteries could cause explosion or fire**
  • SMART PROTECTION – Arlo battery charger built-in protection circuit actively manages battery performance during charging and discharging. Helps detect and prevent over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit, or over-current by shutting off the device or charger. **Protection features does not offer safeguards when batteries other than the Tenergy Rechargeable Batteries for Arlo is used.**
  • CERTIFIED FOR SAFETY – Extensively tested and certified by the most stringent battery safety standard: Tenergy’s strict production and testing ensure the safety of this arlo replacement battery and extend the life of the battery. Buy with confidence, your charger includes a 12-month warranty.
  • BOX CONTENTS – Package comes with Charger and 4 x Tenergy cr123a lithium rechargeable batteries 3.7V Arlo Security Camera Battery. Both Battery and charger come with 1 year warranty.

What’s Included

12 x Li-ion Tenergy Arlo cr123a lithium rechargeable batteries

Battery Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Type and Size: RCR123A Li-ion Rechargeable
  • Voltage and Capacity: 3.7V 650mAh
  • Charge up to 500 times
  • Dimensions: 16.9mm (diameter) x 34.3mm (length)
  • Extensively tested and certified by the most stringent battery safety standard: UL 1642, UL 2054, UN 38.3, IEC 62133, UL 60950, Battery Directive (2006/66/EC), CSTCG (PI965).
  • Works with Arlo Wire-Free HD Security Cameras (VMC3030/VMK3200/VMS3330/3430/3530).


  • This Tenergy Li-ion rechargeable RCR23A battery is intended for use in Arlo security camera only. We cannot guarantee the same high quality experience in other RCR123A devices.
  • Do not mix use this Tenergy Li-ion 3.7V 650mAh rechargeable RCR23A battery with any one-time use Lithium CR123A batteries, for example Panasonic or Duracell Lithium CR123A.
  • Do not mix use this Tenergy Li-ion 3.7V 650mA rechargeable RCR23A battery with any other rechargeable RCR123A batteries
  • Misuse of either the charger or the batteries could cause explosion or fire.

*It is possible rechargeable Li-ion RCR123A batteries may have shorter run time that your original disposable lithium CR123A batteries, depending on their capacity.**This rechargeable battery is not intended to prolong the run time of each battery, but to offer the convenience and savings over the life of the battery so that you will not need to buy and dispose non rechargeable Lithium CR123A batteries continuously.

Customer Reviews

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david thompson
Good product, prompt delivery

I was pleased that the batteries arrived so promptly after ordering. Batteries charged to 100% on first charge so hoping this will be maintained on future charges