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Beauty Breeze lighted vanity mirror with cooling fan
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Beauty Breeze lighted vanity mirror
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Beauty Breeze makeup mirror with lights and cooling fan

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Makeup Mirror with Lights and Fan & 5x Magnification, USB or battery power.


Doing your makeup is a total breeze with this Makeup Mirror with Lights. A fan helps keep you cool while you apply your makeup and a detachable 5 x magnification suction mirror lets you see close up. Plus it’s battery-powered, so no messy cords to worry about and you can take it on a work trip or your next vacation!


  • Unique mirror with a powerful, quiet built in fan that distributes a 360° gentle breeze to keep your skin cool as you apply makeup
  • Provides a crystal clear reflection
  • Daylight balanced LED ring offers soft clear lighting
  • Simple touch operation on the mirror lets you choose the light, fan or both
Now you can apply your make up fully without it melting away, especially when you’re in a rush. Beauty Breeze Mirror is unique in that it has a built in powerful but quiet triple fan that distributes a 360-degree gentle breeze to keep your skin cool. So, it allows you to apply your mascara, foundation, blush and eyeliner without melting.

Beauty Breeze has a daylight balance LED ring offering soft clear lighting, so you get all the brightness you need, and the simple touch operation on your mirror lets you choose the light, fan or both. It has an adjustable tilting head to give you the perfect angle. It is battery operated making it portable, so you’ll never be without it. And it has a compact tray, so you keep your most important tools handy. But best of all Beauty Breeze has an over size mirror that is precision crafted for a crystal-clear reflection that give you no distorting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nicky James
Really good

When I first saw the Beauty Breeze, I thought it sounded too good to be true. It’s literally what I’ve been looking for, and I stumbled on your advert. I’m so very happy with it and it was a great price. I’ll be telling all my friends about the Beauty Breeze. Thank you very much.


I just wanted to tell you how very pleased I was with my new Beauty Breeze. It’s a very clever idea. The mirror is very clear and the light is perfect. The fan is a very pleasant and welcome addition, and it was a super price. Thank you.

Jeff, Bury
Great present

Bought this for my wife and she’s very pleased. She’d seen one in a friend’s house and so I ordered a Beauty Breeze. The best feature is the fact that its so portable (she always complains when we’re on holiday when she can’t find a decent mirror!). Thanks again.

JS, Perth
Very Happy

Just a quick note to thank you for my Beauty Breeze mirror and light. I’m really happy with it and with the service I received. Thanks.

Mrs J, Newport
Lovely Breeze

What a wonderful and simple idea!! I’m in love with my new Beauty Breeze! The mirror is super strong and the breeze is just lovely. I’m ordering a few more as gifts for my work colleagues. Marvellous. Many thanks,