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Copper Comfy- Copper Infused Compression Gloves

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Copper Comfy antibacterial copper infused gloves, smartphone compatible, anti-slip strips, thin and user friendly for everyday wear.

Our Copper Comfy copper infused compression gloves are thin and user friendly plus they have antimicrobial technology helping to keep your hands and fingers permanently clean of harmful bacteria helping to limit the spread of viruses.

Anti-Microbial Protection – Copper hand compression gloves offer protection against harmful pathogenic microbes, fungal infections, bacterial contaminants, and highly contagious viruses.

Anti-Odour – The high-quality copper lining of these compression gloves efficiently fights foul odour caused by sweat and keeps your hands cool and dry, round the clock.

Anti-Inflammatory – Copper gloves are naturally anti-inflammatory and have bone strengthening properties that help ease the aches and pains induced by arthritis.

Keeps Your Hands Fresher for Longer 

The warm, soft and breathable fabric used in copper infused compression gloves ensures 24-hour freshness, aids the production of new skin cells, and replenishes the top layer of your skin, leaving your hands soft and youthful.

Improves Blood Flow  

Copper-infused gloves gently heat up your hands and fingers to improve blood circulation and oxidation, which in turn works to relieve the joint inflammation caused by debilitating conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel.

Minimizes Heat Loss

The thermal properties and snug fit of copper gloves reduce the contraction of blood vessels even in extreme temperatures; relieve the cold and numbness, keeping your fingers and hands warm and comfortable.

Provides Support and Cushioning

The breathable and lightweight design of copper gloves combined with their firm grip and sturdy construction ensure comfort, warmth, stability and good wrist support without restricting any movement.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Good service, good product

Comfortable gloves - snug fit. Professional company - handled mis-delivery with speed.

Good product

Comfortable and a good fit

Great produce and service

My gloves arrived today (quick too). Really pleased with them. Great design, a great fit and best of all, mobile friendly! Cheers.

Great product

Bought 20 pairs of the copper infused gloves after trying a pair myself. I have teams of electricians who work outdoors in all weathers, and the gloves fit so well that they’re able to do intricate work with warm hands. Believe me, these gloves are a godsend! And all the lads who work for me agree.


I bought the copper infused gloves after a friend recommended them as I have arthritis in my fingers and I read on your website about them being good for that. I’m really pleased with them. They fit so snugly and keep my hands toasty! Thank you very much.